The body is just like a musical instrument.

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Yogisthaan's Healthy Life

Why Yoga?

The body is just the beginning of your mind and the mind is nothing but the end of the body.So whatsoever happens in the body affects the mind and whatsoever happens in the mind affects the body.If your body is not in deep rest your mind cannot be.

Why Meditation?

meditation has been scientifically proved to be good for us – it lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, helps prevent heart attacks, calms nerves, and brings a sense of balance and harmony to the body/mind, creating a feeling of well-being.

Why Yogisthaan?

We aim to provide guests with a better understanding of their body and mind; so that they may participate more actively and joyfully in their daily life. We consider Yoga to be the most valuable Indian inheritance and believe it is an essential need of today.

Class Schedule

Yoga Class

Every Month

10 Clsses-1 Month Yoga Package

  • 1 Class/day -
  • mon: 07-08pm -
  • tue: 06-07pm -
  • wed: 06-07pm -
  • thu: 07-08pm -
  • fri: 07-08pm -

Kalaripayattu Demo

Every Month

Wed & Sat Only

  • 2 Classes/week
  • Kalaripayattu demo class -
  • Wed: 07:00-08:00pm
  • Sat: 05:00-06:00pm

Community Class

Every Month

Yoga For everyone

  • 1 Class/week
  • Asanas & Pranayam -
  • 06:00-07:30pm


Any Contribution

Meet Our Yoga Teachers

Ajitingh Tapasvi

Expertise in Hatha, Raja Yoga, Pranayam & Asana



Master Of Healing Arts at Kalariyogi,Traditional Yoga



master of healing arts at Kalariyogi, Traditional Yoga


Ajitsingh Tapaswi